Geeking Out By Proxy

I run an old Mac G5 Quad and if I had the cash to just try … I’d try to build a Power7 or 8 based Hackintosh running 10.5.8 with maybe a Nividia 8800 multi card set up on custom drivers … because PowerMac forever.

But it’s still fun to watch others have fun…

This is from a time when Macs were a good value and built to last. Now they are nothing but overpriced junk with outdated hardware and a bloated OS.

Oh, I just thought of one clarification: if I had the cash scenario I would want Power7 CPUs on my G4 Quad motherboard. Not a whole new motherboard. The 8800 likewise is of a closer generation of the existing PCI-X16 … so all it’s improvements but without the old motherboard being a bottleneck as would be the case with trying to do the same with a new card.