Gaza food aid recipients complain about Joe Biden's air-dropped free food

As Joe Biden spends millions to drop free food onto Gaza amid Hamas reports of mass starvation, the question arises as to whether the Gazans actually are starving.

Israel says they aren’t, but no need to take their word for it. More about that later.

Gaza’s denizens themselves have decided to let us know.

This one doesn’t like the food choices, looking like he’s never missed a meal:

Based on other tweets seen around on X (Twitter), others have complained that the meals-ready-to-eat for troops in the field being dropped are spaghetti instead of falafel and pitas, and one claimed the menu contained pork, which is not halal, though I doubt guys with a lot of beer guts practice a lot of halal otherwise. Picky, picky, picky, not the behavior of supposedly starving people, and recall that captured Hamas fighters looked like this:

Meanwhile, this one’s using Biden’s airdropped food aid to feed stray cats:


This one’s upset that it came from Americans.

Starvation? This is not how starving people act.

This one has a pretty clear-eyed view of what is going on:

According to the Jerusalem Post, there probably are hungry people but mass starvation isn’t what’s going on:

A former senior Israeli defense official who I spoke to on condition of anonymity has also said that “there is no food shortage in Gaza; there are those who are hungry since Hamas has taken all of the food and they don’t have enough money to pay Hamas on the black market.”

According to this former official, the food does not reach those who need it most since Hamas controls approximately 70-80% of the area. What happens is that Israel and foreign countries bring food and aid into Gaza. Then gangs take the supplies at gunpoint, and a significant portion of the population is left unable to afford necessities.

“THE SITUATION in Gaza is akin to hunger in New York, where homeless people suffer not from a lack of food but from a lack of money to purchase it,” he explained.

There probably are hungry people in Gaza, but that’s because Hamas has control of all the food drops and aid – and shakes the locals down for their money at extortionate prices if they want any.

No money to Hamas, no food for them:

That’s consistent with all modern man-made famines everywhere else.

According to scholar Michael Rubin, writing in the National Interest about a place called Somaliland, a section of Somalia that is a pretty functional undeclared country, quite unlike Somalia itself which gets diplomatic recognition:

Somaliland became independent in 1960 and, after a failed merger with Somalia, re-declared independence in 1991. While “Blackhawk Down” seared Somalia’s failure and anarchy into the American mind, Somaliland remained at peace. Democracy and government capacity matter. When drought hit the Horn of Africa in 2006, 2011, and 2017, Somalis suffered, but Ethiopia and Somalilanders rallied, transporting food where the population needed it most and saving their citizens’ lives. Much of the population of Somaliland escaped starvation as, local government officials explained to me, they were able to transport food across the country without fear of looting.

Emphasis is mine.

We sure as heck don’t see that in Gaza. Aid trucks are being looted and burned by Hamas supporters who steal all the aid and then sell it to Gazans for profit.

Now we see more of this dynamic with Biden’s airdrops intended to alleviate hunger at great cost to the U.S. and great danger to our servicemembers, effectively putting more food in Hamas’s greedy gullets and pocketbooks, if not serving as food for dumpsters and stray cats.

Experts on famine know what goes on in famines, particularly man-made ones, where soup kitchen-style aid doesn’t work the way they think it will work. Amateur do-gooders toss food at endangered populations thinking they can feed them, when what these populations really need is money to buy food because bad guys have all the food and control all the routes in for food.

We see that now in Gaza, with Hamas eating all the food, and well-fed Hamas allies expressing customer service complaints as various ingrates.

Gaza doesn’t need food. Gaza needs Hamas out of there. Israel’s war to end Hamas as an organization is the only effective idea here in ensuring that Gazans are going to get food.

](Gaza food aid recipients complain about Joe Biden's air-dropped free food - American Thinker)

Pathetic. Why don’t let Joos TRUCKS to drive in from ALL directions?

Build a port, which takes months and months. What a comfort for people dying of food and water shortage!

There were roughly 2 million inmates in the world’s largest concentration camp, not allowed to leave or work outside, who have been bombed and over 30,000 have been killed with American weapons.

May the karma strike fast the murderous Joos and their shabbos goys who extol the killing.

Everyone these days expect the royal treatment from the American taxpayers . I feel when we attempt to help and it is unappreciated wash your hands with them period !!!

What I find grotesque about the whole affair is that US made bombs, mixed with food, are falling on innocent people.

Palestinians are accused of being beggars, asking for sustenance from the international community. But who stole their land, farms, destroyed their olive and fruit trees, took away water rights and chased them away from their towns and villages, and then put them in an enclosed city without ever being allowed to step outside?

I’ve seen one of the very popular photos of a starving child next to their mother and she’s of normal weight if anything slightly overweight basically the child has a pre-existing health condition and is being used in propaganda

I’ve seen videos from Palestine of food labelled as humanitarian aid being sold in the middle of a street market

In war the first thing to dies is the truth I don’t trust any side but I don’t think starvation is a realistic problem to the Palestinians at the current time

That’s terrible they even had their fruit trees stolen

I said their fruit trees were destroyed.

LOL, innocent people who elected HAMAS as their government. Far from innocent. Elections have consequences.

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Don’t we in the USA know that! :cry:

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Hamas is not killing anyone at random in huge humbers.
Joos are.

What brainless goyim don’t know: What Joos do to Palestinians today, they will do to brainless goyim tomorrow.

How Jooish is the killer jab (aka clot shot)? 100%

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As terrible as HAMASS is to the Palastinians,people here on PB suuport them.

Not that I can see. They support Palestine… not HAMASS. I support none of them…Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Russia… none of them. These are problems that in some cases are thousands of years old. They aren’t going to be solved in our lifetimes… nor do I give a s*** about it/them. Worry about where you live, not where you don’t… at least until the problems where you live get solved.

That doesn’t mean I’m unsympathetic to what those people are going through. As I was told by a wise man (my father)… you can’t help everyone to the detriment of yourself, loved ones and your country.

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Like I was saying, I don’t hate or love any individual based on the nationality or religion per se, but I have pointed out that the religion of the Old Testament is satanism.

Those who profess satanism will act according to their religion. There should be no doubt or debate about it.

Those who profess satanims will cheat, lie, steal and murder. Are you surprised?

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
(John 8:44)

Let us air drop more food for HAMASS to feed themselves and FK the Palastinians by OVERCHARGING them for whatever food HAMASS wants them to buy.

     One more reason for Israel to wipe these TERRORISTS off the map.

Hamas started this war, Israel will finish it. Hamas, sorry about killing all innocent people and taking hostages then killing them slowly. Oh the innocent palestinians terrorists. Hypocrites, just like you. Voting has consequences.

You are a liar and a NAZI.

Islam is not a religion of peace at all. The perpetrators of terrorism are following the edicts clearly given in the Surahs (verses) that constitute the Quran, their not so holy book

The word Islam means submission.

The Quran dictates repeatedly that its followers must convert you to Islam or kill you if you refuse to convert.

Much of the Quran speaks not about religion but only about how one must submit, it commands how one must live, dress, treat women and slaves, and practice jihad.

Surah 3:151: “We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve (all non-Muslims) …”

Surah 2:191: “And kill them (non-Muslims) wherever you find them … kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers (non-Muslims).”

Surah 9:5: “Then kill the disbelievers (non-Muslims) wherever you find them, capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush …”

Of course Israel calculated that Palestinians would vote for Hamas, given Fatah had been compromised and was kept alive by Israel.

Israel wants to kill as many Palestinians as they can. Once they are through, they are coming for you. I assume you are OK with that.

Well NAZI boy of course you blame others for the actions of the government in Gaza

Fatah compromised by Hamas, The word Fatah means to conquer.

Without conspiracy you are nothing know nothing are nothing but a NAZI hate filled angry little boy, girl seeking relevance.

The Nazi Party was Jooish.

I never said that, and I’m not very fond of Islam. But I absolutely abhor Judaism becauseit is pure satanism.

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It means to liberate (or to open).

The Nazi party was a Jooish party in Germany and financed by the Rothschilds.

A must-read for stupid goyim.