Gay Pride Flag Set on Fire Again Outside Harlem Bar in NYC

Someone set a gay pride flag alight outside Harlem’s Alibi Lounge early Monday — a month after several rainbow banners were torched in front of the same bar, according to police.

The flag was set on fire around 12:45 a.m. outside the lounge at West 139th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard — around the same time the previous blaze was set on May 31, cops said.

Alexi Minko, the owner of the lounge, said he was “petrified” after learning from employees that it had happened again.

“It seems surreal, I think for about 10 seconds I just stood there petrified and shocked. I thought it was a joke, it can’t be real,” he said.

“I have no words. We really thought that it was over, a lesson from everyone that there was no place for hate anywhere, especially in Harlem.”

The new flag was given to the establishment by an anonymous donor, according to the owner.

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It’s just free speech. Relax.

No. They can only burn our flags. If someone burns one of their flags it’s a hate crime. I am willing to bet that this was a homo publicity stunt to attract attention to a failing business.


Hard to tell …

Did the burners bring their own flag to burn? Or did they burn a flag owned by the establishment where they did the burning?

If the latter, I have a problem with the destruction of someone else’s property.

Let me guess, it’ll be ‘those evil white nazis’ or something to that effect. while no one realizes that the ‘black community’ at large typically disapprove of such behavior as well.

Gay Pride: So having someone’s schlong rammed up your wazoo is something to be proud of, correct? Hmmmmmmmm. Not even on a good day.

Either side of that transaction is nothing to be proud of. But there they are.

What’s bizarre is that schools and workplaces have clubs that celebrate it. They even decorate cafeterias with their hairy ass shit schlong symbols.

Leona Anderson - “Rats In My Room” - YouTube [

Rats In My Room - LEONA ANDERSON.m4v - YouTube


On Monday morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanded the arson be investigated as a hate crime, saying New York has “zero tolerance for this despicable behavior.”

A hate crime? Really? Since when is burning a flag a hate crime?

Since the flag was donated I can see destruction of private property but even that is reaching.

What about cruelty to animals? image

Cuomo will get away with it probably.

Here in Colorado Springs:

Springs Pride Parade 2019, Sunday, July 14
Public · Hosted by Colorado Springs School District 11

Education …