Gay Community Says Not Having AIDS Makes You Boring

Comfortably boring here…and resolutely intending to stay that way. I guess I will never know what I stand to lose by not having sex with HIV positive men. My cute disease-free wife will just have to do.


Darn. I have to be super boring now. What am I going to do with my uncompromised immune system?


Apparently the gays REALLY love AIDS sex :face_vomiting:

Oh, and the sex? The sex is mind-blowing. It helps that Todd’s around 20% top and 80% bottom and Carl’s the opposite. They just click. They make that ridiculously cute couple that others envy.

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I’ll stick with my boring lifestyle thank you

Super GRIDS is right around the corner…any day now

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I have been saying for a long time that soon very soon the LGBTQP movement will equate the 1980s GRIDS epidemic as a holocaust perpetrated against their community by the hetero community and it will become a holocaust tier mythos. This is the first step.

I defend the right of Gays to live without persecution, but it sort of shocks and repulses me to see them carousing and the image in your OP will keep me from returning.


They are degenerates who constantly push the envelope and demand that society change to accommodate their sexually deviant ways. They are toxic.

Nothing like wasting away to a living corpse, hooked to IVs, losing control of your functions, to relieve boredom. Myself, I prefer fly fishing.



This is why these perverts should be in quarantine until they are shown to be free of this disease, with those having it isolated from society and each other.

Two men discussing what makes them proud.

One talks about his children or job.

The other talks about back door banditry.