Gangsta Michelle "Big Mike" Obama in Malaysia: U.S. 'Still Not Where We Need to Be' on Race ✊🏿

“…we moved in, white folks moved out… and they left communities in shambles.” So you moved in, someone else moved out and now the place is a shithole. And the black transvestite blames the people who moved away.

Former first lady Michelle Obama criticized the United States while speaking abroad on Thursday, stating the country is “still not where we need to be” on the issue of racism and scoffed at the notion that former President Barack Obama’s election meant the end of bigotry.

“We’re still not where we need to be in the United States of America when it comes to race. People thought electing Barack Obama would end racism. That’s 400 years of stuff that was going to be eliminated because of eight years of this kid from Hawaii? Are you kidding me?” Michelle Obama said at the Obama Foundation’s leadership conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

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Damn. Maybe the US should elect a black man as president to prove that the country isn’t racist.

Nah, that will never happen.

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That beast has had a chip on its shoulder since it sauntered into the White House.

Oh she just pisses me right off! That nasty attitude on her sends me through the roof. Our tax dollars paid for her and her family to live high on the hog the whole time they were in the White House. We are still paying for their extravagant trips and lifestyles all over the world. So as she continues to take money from the American people she has the audacity to turn around and say that we’re all a bunch of racists! I cannot stand that woman and it has nothing to do with the color of her skin. She’s a race hustler no better than Sharpton.

“There were no gang fights, there were no territorial battles. Yet one by one, they packed their bags and they ran from us. And they left communities in shambles,” the former first lady continued.

So, what she is saying is when white people moved out because black people moved in the communities turned to shambles. So, she’s going to blame the white people for that not the actual people who turned the communities into shambles. Geeze, talk about some twisted logic. :laughing:

Oh, and BTW, Michelle. Why did your family even want to move into an all white neighborhood? :face_with_monocle:

Obama’s remarks come after she criticized the U.S. for what she described as a lack of understanding about migrants.

Since when do we need to “understand” migrants? This is really simple. Come here legally with a marketable skill, don’t use our welfare and medical system, pay taxes just like every American and appreciate the hell out of the fact you were fortunate enough to land here. Integrate and become an American and all it represents.

That is a simple social contract. A quid pro quo. It is what I expect for welcoming you to the land I love and call home.


It didn’t age well!

Michelle Obama just bought an $11.5M mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

The oppression from whitey that she deals with must be so difficult to bear.

Living in a coastal mansion on Martha’s Vineyard is probably about as close as it gets to running from the Klan in the deep south.

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Really??? How’s that.

Well that’s just silly, the racists didn’t vote for him…


All of the former presidents and first families still receive Secret Service protection wherever they go. On overseas trips, teams have to go out days to weeks in advance. The Obamas continue to cost the American people millions of dollars.

Are you sure?

On January 10, 2013, President Barack Obama signed the Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012, reinstating lifetime Secret Service protection for his predecessor George W. Bush, himself, and all subsequent presidents . Richard Nixon relinquished his Secret Service protection in 1985, the only president to do so.

Yes. I’m sure. Your post just confirmed exactly what I stated.

Of course it didn’t. You said that ALL presidents get life time SSP, Obama signed legislation reinstating it for Bush, himself, and all subsequent presidents.

Do Malaysians know that it’s a man pretending to be a woman?
Where was he when Notre Dame was burning?
I’m sure he is in the elite clique while Europe is up the shit creek. That might explain his wealth, with or without Muslim Barak.

Lack of understanding? Well, I understand this. Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - memorial .asp

I did pipe fitting at new public housing projects - high-rises, etc. under construction; and I did more work 5 years later. They looked like Dresden after the blitz. Probably the only areas I worked armed. Doors kicked in, windows smashed, holes in drywall, people pissing & shitting in hallways, needles, crack vials, empty liquor bottles & beer cans, trash all over the building, bullet holes. My heart went out to the elderly who lived ( existed ) there.

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Similar demise occurred at low rent apartment complexes in my hometown. Several of them are now abandoned, boarded up and slowly being blanketed with kudzu. In one complex that had over a hundred units, the plumbing has been stolen…right out of the walls.

Civilized people do not exhibit this sort of behavior.

Even dogs do not shit where they sleep.

Thanks to an Obama administration rule all apartment buildings now have to provide a certain percentage of their units as low-income housing. I lived in a really upscale apartment in one of the nicest areas of my city and once they started letting this trash in you could immediately tell. They lived exactly how they would in a housing project except they were in apartments that would cost roughly between $2,000 and $2,800 a month. All of the hallways started smelling like pot, packages started getting stolen, the common areas were constantly occupied by ghetto black guys blasting music from their Bluetooth speakers. It was ridiculous and infuriating.

I live in a small town; and there are public housing units. The older ones have been there about 40 years. They are still clean, neat, and orderly. All the tenants are white. Any nonsense, and the occupants get the boot. Another 30+ units have just been finished in another part of town. I hope they survive as well as the older units. People who legitimately need assistance should receive it; as long as they appreciated it.