Future Black Engineer Shoots Up Neighborhood on Facebook Live

Behold the standard gun grabbers will apply to white law abiding men. Notice how all of his Facebook followers tell him to stop streaming, not to stop shooting.



I feel for this future astronaut, there is so much competition over which upstanding student will wear the robe of Valedictorian. The pressure is enough to make any upstanding young man lose his temper from time to time.


I thought I would provide a transcript of what our future lawyer had to say.

“Whie in Goad ya wanna hang aroun’ me insteddada rite rite? Ya keedz is quie! Awn mom, ah, only a coupa a’ en ol’ plents. Imma dump dey ass out!”

“Da’an gun gotta bigga’ deen yu. Ma’Idon’ give a fuck! Nigga, Imma twerk dis hoe! Umgod I’mma twerk dis hoe. Aimma momma twerk dis hoe. On God!”

“Ayin nah give a shit!Deez niggas wanna… deez niggas wanna play har’ on mai mamma? Nigg’ I go eva’where by ma self, nigga’ waite. On god!”


Thanks for the providing the transcript @tangykraut but it’s important to focus on the translation instead of the verbatim words.

Allow me.

Our young pediatric surgeon is complaining that he has a .3 percentile higher GPA than the other youth, and that his neighbor across the street was only chosen to become Valedictorian for the graduating class of 2019, because his parents are friends with the President of the PTA.

He goes on to argue that he is also on the board of the ‘Endangered Specie Advocacy Club’, a frequent blood donor and volunteers at the soup kitchen.

And frankly, he makes a very valid and cogent argument.




If a white person did this it would be 24/7 coverage by the MSM and marches to take all of our legally owned and operated guns away.


At least he aint lackin