Fuck Windows 10

every update leaves you with retarded issues to fix, some very difficult to undo.

this last one, which added a bunch of silly shit to paint 3d, has left my primary system locked at login because the lock screen, where you click to then enter your login, instantly refreshes no matter what.

i cannot even get a field to enter login, and i’ve googled my balls off for 2 days and cannot get anywhere with it.

its a simple fix, if you could get to the desktop but in this case i cant.

im a roll shit back to fuckin win 95 if i must or go linux.

beyond that of course MS records even your keystrokes ive heard, of course, i dont give a shit, fuck with me plz i’m too old to fight too drunk to run and i got a k98 i aint kilt no one with yet…anywho…fuck windows 10.

almost anything would be preferable to nightmare 3 day downtimes due to a simple god damn update.

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Windows 10 is the new version of Windows Millennium Edition (which too was a clusterfuck)

Stay with windows 7, get a 64 bit motherboard and use the 64 bit version of Windows 7 ultimate and youll be fine.

Stop trying to be fucking trendy with the latest and greatest, because most times this is not actually the case.

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Anything that isn’t Windows 7 is pure garbage.

If you don’t ever want to deal with this shit again just go BSD. It takes some getting used to at first but you will be much happier once you move.

That’s not the only problem…they busted the start menu lol

Why does Windows 10 have to update almost every day? I know. It’s a rhetorical question but it is somewhat aggravating.

Why? Because it’s an excuse to collect your information and spy on you!

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I can’t view more than 3 images in the stupid Windows 10 photos app without it crashing. All it’s doing is viewing jpegs. How bad does a photos app have to be to crash while viewing photos?

I love my G5 Powermac…

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I have opaque tape over my Skype camera…on all devices. :smile:

Me too! Ha ha ha. Actually mine is a bandaid not tape. I’ve had it on there for years.

I use both platforms but recently switched to open source, and no problems. The best windows OS is ether 7 or Windown XP professional (if you can still get it)

Using any unix other than OS X on the desktop is a sign that your time has no value.

Aside: if I could snag one of the freakingly uber rare PowerPC NeXT cube prototypes running NextStep…

I’m still on Windows 7 Pro and I have disabled the auto update to Windows 10. I have no plans to update. IMO Windows 7 is the best version Microsoft ever produced. At least for people in one of the tech industries.

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I really don’t know why you would say that? Care to elaborate?

Mine is black electrical tape :laughing: