From Fox News - Texas students react to doxxing threats against conservatives on campus

Texas students react to doxxing threats against conservatives on campus.

More nazism by the liberal socialist left do what we tell you or you will be punished.

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Why not turn it around and publish their information. What’s good for the Left should be good for the Right . Equal opportunity.


If the left wants to play this game, find out who they are, where they live and start paying their bitch asses a few visits to see how they like being on the receiving end terrorism instead, because violence is exactly what these libtwats have coming


That’s right! Doxx the doxxers.

I would think that there would be a limited number of people who have access to this information so it shouldn’t be too hard to find out who’s leaking what to who.


These supposed “educators” should be staunch about protecting students, ANY STUDENTS from these actions.


Academia is full of frothing progressive professors who will already give a white boy a lesser grade for simply being white. If they find out he is a “nazi” then he may very well fail. Add to that the fear of being doxxed and having the antifa basement dwellers trying to misuse that information and the campus really has become a mind prison.


These professors seem to forget that conservative students are paying tuition too.

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I agree, you have to fight fire with fire and get down in the leftist gutter and fight on their level.

Some of the universities depend on Liberal donors and bow down and kiss their ring. They have bevome high cost indoctrination centers rather than institutions of higher education run by Leftist Professors.

Have to unmask the worthless bastards first.

I’ve stepped in cowpads that qualify for being better human beings than people like this.