French Senate Passes Bill Demanding Notre Dame be Rebuilt Exactly How It Was Before the Fire

Well this is a bit of good news amid the fears that Globalist Macron and his crony post modernists would win in trying to change the Notre Dame Cathedral architectural design by building a more modern dumb version to replace the roof after the fire destroyed it. French Parliament unanimously voted to have the rebuild be done to the original design. Small victory for the traditional and the ones who strive to keep the historical values of western society!


That is good news…


If it’s built in any other way than a exact replica of how it was before the fire it will be a slab in the face of all French people and Christians globally

If there’s to be any change made in the design, it should be the use of fire-retardants in treating the wood.

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What a relief. I was convinced they were going to build a mosque on top.

Michael Obama was on a cruise on the Seine, celebrating the fire.
What a coincidence he was there then.

Magog strikes again!

Your use of satire is not as thinly veiled as you would like to believe.