Freedom of Speech in the UK, Now DEAD!

Police in the UK have warned a Christian street preacher that it’s now a criminal offence to preach the Bible in public if someone deems it offensive. So long freedom of speech and welcome Sharia Law!


Freedom of speech was long dead in the United Kingdom. The level of mass pacification there is simply Orwellian.


They have to live with all their stupid decisions , liberal sheep .

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I’m afraid you’re right. Project Dumbing Down - Mission Accomplished . . . and how!! Well done the BBC.

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You will find a similar trend in the “colonies” i.e. Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They are all led by a bunch of traitors.

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The press in the UK is also blaming a girl for coming forward as a result of getting tortured and gang raped by a Muslim rape gang.

So they have a CNN UK too . :grimacing:

Liberals are the curse of every society. But Pinochet knew how to shut them up, for the greater good.

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