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Seek common round with democrats and pass legislation that may pass the senate or:

Should they reply in kind.

Given the current investigation following the Mar-a-Lago raid, should there also be a mirror-image special prosecutor to examine President Joe Biden’s lost stash of classified documents in his insecure office following his vice presidency?

Can House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., ever be considered too inflammatory, given that his predecessor, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., tore up the president’s State of the Union address on national television?

How many Democratic House members should be denied committee assignments to remind the Congress that Pelosi’s rejection of Republican nominees was a terrible precedent?

How many congressional subpoenas with threats of criminal prosecution and performance-art arrests should be issued to Democratic politicos to stop the criminalization of political differences?

In our current age, will all former president’s private homes, closets, and drawers now be subject to FBI raids to ensure that “classified” documents were not wrongly stored there?

Are Biden’s current homes also a logical target, given his sloppy handling of classified foreign policy papers – eerily reminiscent of an abandoned laptop belonging to son Hunter Biden and daughter Ashley Biden’s lost diary?

Was it ever a good idea to impeach a first-term president the moment he lost his party’s majority in the House – but without any hope of a conviction in the Senate? Would such a similar impeachment send a warning to Biden to honor his oath of office and start enforcing U.S. immigration law?

Does a phone call now an impeachment make, on the grounds that Trump mixed domestic politics with foreign policy?

But was Trump’s Ukrainian call that much different from former President Barack Obama’s 2012 quid pro quo in Seoul, South Korea, where he asked the Russian president to convey a deal to Vladmir Putin: Stay calm and give Obama space during his reelection bid while Obama in turn would be flexible on missile defense.

Putin did just that and put off invading Ukraine until Obama was reelected. And Obama made sure there was no joint missile defense projects in Eastern Europe. Was that deal in America’s interest, or Obama’s own and thus similarly impeachable?

Or consider Biden mixing foreign policy and politics on the eve of the midterm elections. For example, he kept draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to dangerously low levels while begging hostile foreign dictators to pump more oil.

Thereby Biden sought to win votes from angry commuters buffeted by high fuel prices. And he also appeased the Left by not ordering more drilling for gas and oil. Was that gambit in the nation’s – or Biden’s – best interest?

What is wrong with the House investigating whether the FBI infiltrated and contracted social media companies to warp news coverage and suppress free expression of American citizens?

The Left certainly thought it was necessary in 1975 for the Church Committee to investigate the CIA. That committee found the agency was contracting new organizations to front for its covert operations, while partnering with telecommunications corporations to monitor the data of citizens on CIA watch lists. Sound familiar to today’s FBI?

Was it a good idea for the Democratic House to release Trump’s tax returns?

If the Republican House were to do the same with the Biden consortium’s tax records, would the result be far more incriminating?

There was much talk once in Congress of evoking the 25th Amendment to remove a supposedly mentally impaired Trump. A Yale psychiatrist was even paraded before Congress to attest the president was dangerously unbalanced. Calls for aptitude testing resulted in Trump acing the Montreal Cognitive Assessment.

Should the House now follow the Democrats’ precedent? Should medical professionals review all of Biden’s incoherent utterances, his fantasy biographic tales, and his often physical fragility and determine whether he is non compos mentis? Is that a precedent we wish to follow?

When a defeated first-term president leaves office and vows to return in four years, is it wise to impeach and try him as a private citizen?

Did not the House impeach Trump in part because he warned the Ukrainians that Biden, a possible opponent in 2020, was likely corrupt? Do the endless Democratic efforts to go after Trump, a possible Biden opponent in 2024, constitute far more than a Trump single phone call to the president of Ukraine?

Somehow supposedly worldly and sophisticated partisans in their self-righteousness ignored ancient laws of what goes around comes around, of Karma, of Nemesis, of payback’s a bitch, and all that stuff.

I don’t know why don’t you go read a liberal poll

Really? Why not enlighten us all about how the House should govern, you know… now that it is run by MAGA Republicans. I’d love to hear how you think they should go about it. :grin::popcorn:

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I already posted many times MAGA wins coming …

That’s what I thought… nothing.

You had a thought? This early oh shit lol

Unlike most people these days, I’m up at 4:00 am and still go to work.


I don;t know why you don’t grow up. Being an extremist is so passe.

They can pass what ever they like and it is DOA in the Senate.

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How was wanting a closed border extreme? Lol

Who said it’s extreme?

They we won’t fund the government, check mate

Wanting a big mouth blow hard is tragic.

Wanting an idiot who gave away a country, Afghanistan is condemning the children and women to Taliban rule is reprehensible.

Continuous lies drives people away, how is that good?

Not once did he fight the massive congressional spending.

Trump’s inflammatory and divisive rhetoric was a stark abuse of power, albeit not criminal,

Trump told Georgia voters to stay home costing the GOP the senate seats.

Trump’s support for Walker in Georgia cost the GOP control of the senate as well as his helping other GOP candidates. That should be proof as to how much Americans dislike trump.

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What do you read from a democrat talking point sheet you f rino

Gt off my topic if you have nothing of value to contribute

I add value, you just have no understanding of todays current events

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  5. They are wearing sunglasses in every picture: And they look suspiciously like the agents who raided your house after you spoke up at a PTA meeting.
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Well I think I might like this lol

More proof Trump is a buffoon turned carnival barker ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

GO RON 2024

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Jeez, sometimes you and tt53 are as narrow-minded as jittsy. Trump accomplished more than anyone in the GOP in the last 30 years except for Newt Gingrich. He humiliated the Bush machine, then humiliated the Clinton machine. He showed that much of the conventional wisdom in politics is empty unwritten rules that nobody has the guts to question - nobody until Trump. He killed more sacred cows than I could have hoped for, and made the propagandists in the press show that they’re without a doubt just shills for the Democrats. He did all that before he became president.

Yeah, so he didn’t know what to do with it when he won, and lost to a brain-dead stiff four years later. The damage had already been done by the likes of dubya, Obama and their ilk, nobody could repair it. Desantis won’t be able to, either, if he becomes president. The GOP is too far gone, so is the country.

And one more thing - giving away Afghanistan??? Are you insane? Taking ownership of Afghanistan was the real abomination, letting it go back to its normal state of savagery was inevitable.