France! Another Head Chopped Off!

Well now just another day and another beheading in France. The usual suspect arrested. I guess Europe has finally woken up!

This same story?

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PS: Another attack in a very beautiful French town of Avignon.
Attacker shot dead. Yes, same story!

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The attack happened at the biggest Roman Catholic church in France two people’s heads where cut off and the guys was shouting Allah Akbar the BBC’s coverage this morning was terrible whilst that had just happened the BBC were talking about anti-semitism in the Labour party not saying that’s not a serious issue I don’t it might be but it’s not something I’ve personally looked into and then breaking news that sum B list comic actor had just died (with all due respect to the man and his family) that story is not breaking news what just happened in France was breaking news and the BBC completely ignored it disgusting really

Also France had a school teacher murdered recently after showing pictures of Muhammad whilst talking about free speech and two Muslim women were recently stabbed by two French women at the Eiffel tower in a religiously motivated stabbing apparently so

And just recently at speakers corner in London a woman called Hatun from soco films was recently slapped in the face for showing a picture of Muhammad

Rick I agree with you. Brexit is a clear example of BBC leftist slant on the news. Remember the entire British government at all levels has been infiltrated by the religion of peace. Now a seaborne invasion threatens the very cultural and historical well being of the once proud United Kingdom.


On a positive note have you looked at Twitter there is definitely a turning of the tide on mainland Europe in terms of how they view the religion of peace personally I’ve had enough of trying to explain to people that it is not a coincidence that Muslims keep killing non Muslims globally thankfully people are waking up themselves

Rick check out video.

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Their getting woke is what caused the problem !

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Hmm…I guess flooding Western countries with people from the third world wasn’t such a great idea after all.


Pretty sure that white nationalists are the biggest threat faced by the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

The act of one crazy person does not done behalf an entire religion - which is built upon the foundation of peace.

There were 3 attacks, shill.

First was the attack at Notre Dame in Nice. Three dead and the terrorist is in custody.

Second was in Avignon. Only the terrorist was killed.

Third is the attack against the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. No one killed but one guard is hospitalized.


There seems to be a lot of crazy people…WTC…nothing to due with Islam…ISIS…nothing to do with Islam…murder of Mr.Van Gogh…nothing to do with Islam The Charlie Herdo murdered editors…nothing to do with Islam, beheading of school teacher and elderly lady in Nice…nothing to do with Islam. Child marriages,hatred for women, death to unbelievers, death to apostates…death to anyone who looks at the Koran the wrong way,nothing to do with Islam. If I wrote a book today called the Koran (2020) I would be laughed at.


Also it’s most likely that Satan himself was heavily involved with the making of the Quran

Don’t worry. Macron is on your side. After yet another Islamic terror attack he will allocate 1 billion € towards teaching Arabic in schools.

Do you think she’s gonna make it you soy guzzling cuck?

I love how French people who have roots there are being blamed by the left lol

For chrissakes white lefties fight for your culture you fucking cucks

What an excellent tutorial. I have been advocating very similar ideas since the 90`s. I must admit that some of what he said was very humorist and I could not help laughing.
SO where are these moderate Muslims? Think of a football game. Death to the unbeliever when another human head if chopped off, then the crowd cheers for its team of Jihadis’! That is where the moderates base themselves, providing financial aid, safe house to hide in, cars to speed away and now a boycott! I do not like communism, but Karl Marx go it correct when he said “Religion is the opium of the People”…Check this tutorial

I guess the police will be accused of excused of excessive force and should have attempted to talk down this Muslim " Social Justice Warrior".

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The Islamic world Is now furious with the French president for supporting freedom of speech Pakistan have cancelled a 15 billion deal with France and the Malaysian prime minister has said it would be justified for Muslims to kill millions or French people based on past atrocities

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