Fox News' Pete Hegseth responds to being kicked off Twitter after Pensacola attack tweet

Pete Hegseth responds to being kicked off Twitter after Pensacola attack tweet

By Charles Creitz | Fox News

Hegseth: If Twitter bans me, they’ll ban anyone

‘Fox & Friends’ weekend co-host Pete Hegseth on Twitter suspending his account.

Fox News host Pete Hegseth reacted to being banned from Twitter after posting part of the Pensacola, Fla., attacker’s manifesto, including a portion that gave radical Islam as a motive.

Last week, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a Saudi aviation student, killed three people at Naval Air Station Pensacola, 20 miles east of the Alabama state line.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson on Monday said Hegseth was suspended for purportedly “violating company rules against threatening or promoting terrorism.”

Hegseth said he doesn’t understand that explanation, in that he was just sharing what the attacker had written in his manifesto.

If you were still on the fence about the loyalties of Fox News management before now, maybe this will tell you what you need to know.

Hegseth: "If we live in a country where we can’t know why people attack us and why they did it, why are we here?"

There is an internet “rule” I saw mentioned at another forum which says that anyone who posts like an enemy of America may be treated like an enemy of America, despite their denials or other evidence they might present.

That rule applies to Fox News, imo.

Everyone knows that Twitter does things like this so there really shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. Whatever conservative needs to do is GET OFF TWITTER!

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This smacks of the UK and EU anti-hate speech laws which protects Jihadists and their activities from being known by their intended prey.

And it gives us a better context to understand what the College student led (Were they REALLY led by students or Jihadists???) protests and calls FOR censorship were actually trying to achieve a couple years ago.

I don’t use Twitter or any social media platform so I wouldn’t know… but at the end he said on Twitter you can use hate speech about Christians and it is allowed?

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I have an account under one of my nom de plumes, but only when I need to access something I cant get elsewhere or as easily or quickly.

I cant answer your question from personal knowledge, but I believe Hegseth would be accurate and responsible in what he would say in this matter, and it CERTAINLY would be in character with how I perceive the media.

Anti Christian. Anti-American. Anti-Trump. Anti-Conservative. Anti-Fox News. (Although, as Fox News is no longer reliably Right, Twitter may be trying to divide and separate the Conservatives at FNC from the sell out Leftists employed there.)

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Well that makes no sense. Twitter has a policy to not advance the goals of Islamic extremists and their terrorist goals. Not even the terrorist can post their agendas on Twitter, so why would they allow Pete to do so? :man_shrugging:

Because the GREATER harm to America is in concealing the thinking and reasons behind Islamic Jihad.

As if the Twitter employees dont know this.

(Roll Eyes)

It’s not social media’s responsibility to educate Americans on anything. They have a policy not to aid terrorists in the dissemination of their propaganda, which is not only their right, it’s common sense. Let Fox News peddle extremists ideology on fox and friends if they wish to.

The Crossfield (iinm) Memo applies here.

If you act like an enemy of America, you may be considered an enemy of America.

Twitter is hostile or (at best, indifferent) to the perpetuation of America’s culture, economy and form of government, so they should be treated that way.

Well that’s just ridiculous. Talk about destructive speech. And where’s your criticism of Trump who promotes the use of twitter, living on it…:roll_eyes:

Because it is news and relevant to the public interest.

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The President gives the Left an education on Twitter that they need and would not otherwise get in the MSM.

He is performing a public service and one that is a fitting thing for the President of the UNITED STATES to do.

What part of company policy confuses you? Besides, Twitter is not a news agency.

The president uses a format that you despise, and consider to be an enemy of America. You EPITOMIZE hypocrisy.

Maybe I should emulate your hero?



More presumption on your part.


Well aren’t you just a big fat waste of thread space…:roll_eyes:

Tell Trump, he’s the biggest abuser…

Fodder for SNL and late night shows and all the liberal media, and impeachable material for congress.