Fox News Is Dropping Its 'Fair & Balanced' Slogan

Watching fox this afternoon I was struck by the commentators stand on all of today’s stories were out right leftist !!!
No different then MSNBC , CNN , ABC or any of the main street media wtf is that about ?
Fair and balanced is gone so should the socialist on the fox pay roll !!!
Clean house or lose viewership .

Lol, what’s wrong with them actually becoming fair and balanced…:man_shrugging:


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That’s what you get for tuning into Shep’s show.

Shep, Wallace, Baier & now, Judge A.Napolitano, the only fair and balanced “journalists” that remain so it seems appropo…;).

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Agreed on that…

I watch Fox less and less each week. I’ve long thought it was a just a series of shows featuring nasal talking bimbos in short skirts and coordinated stiletto spike heels, sitting with their legs crossed, fighting for air time by talking over each other. If the shows don’t promote some book written by one of their network ‘stars’, they feature some aspect of their network ‘stars’ lives.

About the only two shows really worth watching nowadays are refreshed with new episodes on Sunday night…The Next Revolution and Life, Liberty and Levin.

Shep Smith, Juan Williams, Chris Wallace are all three opinionated pricks and shouldn’t be allowed to report the news. They should have their own talk shows…to compete with Tucker, Sean and Laura…on different networks. Send them over to PMSNBC or CrapNewsNetwork.

Fox and Friends has morphed into a three hour infomercial. They’re always selling something.

Right I watch the mourning show , the five ,Tucker and Sean .