Fox News Host Chris Wallace Says He Got “Goosebumps” When Democrats Passed Impeachment Resolution

At this point, all Republicans should reject all interview requests with this asshole. Let him only interview his far-left Democrat friends, lets see how far that gets him with an increasingly fed-up conservative audience.

Fox News host Chris Wallace said that the Democrats’ passage of a resolution to impeach President Trump gave him “goosebumps.”

“As somebody who’s lived in and covered Washington for 40 years, as they called the vote, I have to say I could feel it, feel sort of goosebumps,” said Wallace, adding it was “a moment in history.”

The remarks were made despite no Republicans voting for the resolution, which even CNN acknowledged was a victory for Trump.

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It shouldn’t be any surprise. This guy is only in the business because of his father, who just happened to be a left-wing commie praising socialist. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He will never get out of his father’s shadow and he knows deep down he is a failure and could have never gotten a job on his own.


This guy is a clown. He’s been “outraged” by Trump since the campaign. I try to stay away from cable news nowadays because it’s all turned to absolute shit. I’ll watch Tucker and Liz on OANN and that’s it. I don’t need these pundits to tell me what’s important. I can get the news pretty much anywhere and for free.


I’ll get goosebumps when the boot this homo off Fox.

Chris Wallace is the known gate keeper of the swamp!

I’m so sick and tired of these media elitists bashing the President of the United States! These are the people who are ruining this country and getting Americans to hate one another also they can get ratings! They should be marched out into the street and…


At least you’re consistent. I remember you complaining about the same thing with Fox News throughout the Obama administration.

There’s a move on now to demand laws against hate speech. This is the precursor to demanding laws against opinions.

Hate speech is being defined as any speech that criticizes other people based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. etc.

In other words, voicing an opinion can be hate speech.

I believe there’s already a fine of $250,000 somewhere for addressing someone with the wrong gender. I wonder if that is applicable to calling Chris Wallace a liberal pussy!

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I get goosebumps thinking about that wobbly old fuck falling down some stairs.

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