Fox News' Christmas Tree Arson

A 49 year old male has been arrested for setting the Fox Square Christmas tree on fire.

Will he go free with the zero bail policy? What is this country coming to when people are so emboldened by lack of penalties that they commit this type of hateful act?

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Democrats want anarchy


They would change their tune if a crime was committed against them. Especially, if they’d just been released with zero bond and a criminal history a mile long.


Too bad the bastard didn’t fall and break both legs . Liberal thinking turds , Monty’s raiders .

Or got caught in the Christmas tree and burned along with it. That would be instant karma :innocent:

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It’s coming very soon … :100: :clock10:

I am wondering whether the arsonist hated Fox News, or simply hated Christianity (and all its symbols).

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I’m going to guess they aren’t intelligent enough to hate Christianity. They hate Fox News because they were told to hate Fox News.


It was a 49 year old crazy homeless man who is now back out on the streets.

The man accused of torching a Christmas tree outside the New York City headquarters of Fox News was freed Wednesday night without bail — shortly after prosecutors reduced the number of charges against him from seven to three.


The moron is free no bail or bond needed .

Actually the Christmas tree is not a Christian symbol contrary to popular belief, its derived from a pagan tradition from the Germans.

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The latter clause, to which I am responding, is certainly correct.

But Christianity has co-opted the Christmas tree (just as Christmas has co-opted Santa Claus) as a symbol.

In my family we didn’t do Santa Claus nor ever put up a Christmas tree. We always did a Nativity Scene which was a reminder of what Christmas was truly about.

I certainly cannot fault this.

It seems fair to note, however, that December 25 is an entirely arbitrary date for the birth of Jesus. (It may have been merely the transmutation of a pagan feast; or even because of its proximity to the winter solstice, on December 21; or to the Feast of Dedication.

Some scholars think that Jesus was actually born in the spring.