Fox Business Fires Trish Regan

Trish pissed off the liberals and got fired from Fox Business News…and the network initially lied about why she was taken off the air. They claimed it was to keep everybody from catching the COVID-19 virus.

Just how gullible do these idiots running the news outlets think we are?


Something doesn’t seem right about this claim. Media matters wants the whole lot of the people on Fox fired, Trish Regan didn’t say anything that many others haven’t said. There’s got to be more to the story than pissing off liberals.


I wasn’t a big fan of hers, her delivery seemed to always come off as awkward and stilted at times, but at a time when MSM is off the rails casualties like hers won’t be a rallying cry just business as usual. They eat their own.

I liked Trish and think what she was saying was spot on.

Fox Business is like Fox News - Anti-Trump during the day; Pro-Trump at night. Nothing new here…

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That is a very good and accurate description! Thanks for sharing! I like that! :rofl:

Ol’ Trish was always one of my favorite money honeys, from back when she was a ‘new gal’ on CNBC.

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Wonder how much longer Tucker has…

See the thing with Mr Carlson is, Fox doesn’t want him to take his following with him to another network. So it’s all about numbers and percentages and focus groups here.

I think they’re probably more worried about him starting up his own network.

Actually, if Tucker Carlson, Bannon and Trump (and Son after the father goes) put their money and talents together, the 3 of them could build THE biggest influential media empire of the 21st Century.

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Why would that piss off liberals ??She should been fired for that dumb liberal bs !!!

She was being critical of the liberals for weaponizing the virus by blaming Trump…and she was absolutely correct in doing so.

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That is very interesting and never thought of that one before.

They would have to hire Trish Regan if they did that because she arguably has the hottest legs in all of TV news.



I am sure he will get the ax before Summer…JMO

Sorry, you are right , I misread it . :sunglasses:

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Trish Regan and Sharyl Attkinsson should combine they’re efforts and create a website bringing in all honest journalists exposing truths. They won’t get the big salaries that MSM pays out but they’ll be bringing respect and honor to their chosen professions.


Trish is BACK