Four Seasons Landscaping is a DNC Money Laundering Operation

Everyone is wondering why the Trump campaign held a serious and important press conference in the parking lot of some random landscaping business in Philadelphia.

Turns out they were sending a message. Four Seasons Landscaping in a DNC money front. Guiliani even “misheard” someone at the press conference today and asked if someone said “weiner” which was another connection.

I’m not clear how the locations for Four Season Landscaping are related - but something is up with this and an intentional message is being sent.

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There is more to this. Dig, dig, dig!

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This bullshit 1-star landscaping company is probably the HQ for China/Dems printing ballots/filling out ballots to steal the PA election.

It’s situated just outside Philly, in a busted ass building, has shitty online reviews, and is the perfect place to meet to create ballots and drive them around the city.


I totally agree! I think it’s coming out!