Founding Member Of Black Panther Party Destroys BLM/Antifa

Founding member of the original Black Panther Party Larry Pinkney joins The Alex Jones Show to destroy BLM and Antifa.

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Reparations are definitely coming, and then they will demand even more. I’d also like to point out absolute double-speak of these people. They speak about injustice, when there is no injustice in America. I heard one black guy talk about how black people aren’t listened to in America unless they use violence, when we all know that blacks are pandered to like no other in America. These people are from hell, don’t forget that.

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They already have ‘reparations’.

If you’re black in the US every single necessity is already free. Housing, food, education, healthcare. Already free. Even some non-necessities are free like ‘obama-phones’ and social workers to manage their appointments for them. While other non-necessities are made hilariously cheap, like providers offering $15na month phone/internet access for ‘low-income families’.

Then they get checks of free spending money on top of all this.

In many places they even have the privilege of ‘buying’ cars, not making the payments on them, and being allowed to keep them!

What the hell is even left?

Netflix and PlayStation?

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