"Fossil fuel" is a hoax

This is old news.
The Rockefellers (the great American crypto-■■■■■■ dynasty) spread the lie.

Is there any wacko conspiracy nut bullshit you won’t swallow whole without question?

You seem to buy the “fossil fuel” bullshit.
Then we are on a par

I buy biochemistry. … .

HYDROGEN is the way to go. Research on the efficient production of hydrogen as a clean fuel source should be funded with a vengeance. It burns so clean, the flame is often invisible. The end product of burning hydrogen is pure water. A good analogy would be prostitution. YA SELL IT AND YA STILL GOT IT.

The problem is the energy required to produce pure hydrogen in sufficient volume to make it a primary fuel source.

It’s still early in the game. Took 100+ years to go from wax cylinder recordings to digital.

No doubt, but we’re not going to change the physics. It takes a great deal of energy to split off the hydrogen and the only truly clean source would be to use water which requires a great deal of electricity to do on a commercial scale. When it comes to energy there are no free rides.

Actually we have been working on microbiological biomass conversion with a couple of Universities to produce hydrogen using membrane reactors and wastewater feedstock. It’s a futuristic venture but the Profs say it’s promising?

Even that takes a lot of energy because you have to keep the biomass warmed to a specific temperature range to get the desired microbial activity.

Long term if we can get people to once again accept nuclear production of electricity we could easily convert most if not all of our IC engines over to hydrogen but hydrogen while very clean burning, like 99.8% clean has it’s drawbacks, number one it’s very explosive nature under pressure when exposed either to heat or a spark.

The microbes themselves are creating hydrogen, its different than biomass separation. The challenge as far as I understand it is keeping the dark process alive, scaling up and making the organisms more efficient.

I understand the process, I used to build sludge digesters in the 3rd world.

You still have to generate heat to keep the biomass itself warmed within a specific range for the microbial activity to take place.

Hydrogen sounds nice, but “internal combustion engine” is 19th century technology.
The US has been sending people to the moon, Mars and beyond, and it has reverse engineered technology from Roswell.

Tesla was a genius but his ideas had one drawback. Testa technology is free and won’t make the rich oil and electric companies any richer

There is no such thing as free energy or free technology. The laws of physics and economics both make it impossible.

Oh yeah? Where does hot air come from?

You cannot harness hot air without expense. You cannot convert it to usable energy without expense and energy generation from other sources.

He’s only been here one day and he is already neck and neck with Magog. :wink:

I think a review would likely show both accounts using the same IP address.

Yep but one doesn’t need the 700 degrees needed to convert to hydrogen using a standard gasification process. But the big money is on algae converting biomass to burn in existing internal combustion engines. That’s a mature process.

You still need heat to keep the biomass active and energy produced from other sources to compress it not to mention the transportation and distribution problems.

It can be done for sure but not on a commercial scale that’s anywhere close to cost effective.