Former McDonald’s CEO: ‘Communist Party Parading Around’ as Democrats Is Not the Party of Union Workers

This is great! Finally people finally speaking the truth about what the Democratic party truly is. Anybody who supports today’s Democratic Part is a Marxist!

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Americans are sick and tired of corporate CEOs making hundreds of times what their workers make.

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No we aren’t, I could care less what anyone makes, it’s none of my business.

And Americans are tired of Liberals like you crying foul for your failures and playing the victim all the time!

Chew on this for awhile because your crying certainly fits this description of the lame Liberal losers!

Liberals do NOT give hope! Liberals give defeat!!
“You can’t take care of yourself, the government has to do that for you!” is their mantra!”
We are born, we face hurdles, and we die!

There are two types of people. The people who jump their hurdles.
The people that cry in front of their hurdles.
The people who jump their hurdles get stronger and
those who cry in front of them remain weak.
Liberals want to use government to remove all the hurdles.
THAT is not hope!!!

Hope is, “You can do anything you set your mind to and you don’t need government to take care of you!”

They aren’t even liberals any more, they just finally out of the closet socialists and communists that think the rest of us owe them an easy ride through life.