Former Congressman John Dingell (D) advocates doing away with the Senate - cals it "dangerous"

What (the appropriately named) Dingell is really proof of is the need for term limits. He was utterly corrupt. In his last campaign, less than $10 came from his district. He only represented the DC swamp.

Dingell doesn’t see a need for states, what he is advocating is total centralized goverment control, whether it’s voting for pres or open judge seats.

He see’s the best chance that democrats have is in the house of representatives where they control all major metro centers…who would be in total control of goverment.

Leave rural areas to defend for themselves.

Of course his explanation is perfectly valid… if you forget that the 17th amendment neutered states rights and the ability for the state legislature and constitutions to guide and grow each state.

Repealing the 17th would do wonders for returning power back where it belongs.

What I find so dangerous and ironic is that state was willing to give it up in first place.

It’s why I came to conclusion that amendment process is extremely dangerous.

We could implement term limits and the aristocracy so people can’t serve 60 years and then hand their Congressional seat to their wife.

Dingell is not only a good reason for term limits, but age limits too. We have a bunch of crazy old people running this country.

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Verses what? Crazy young people?

Have you seen and heard from some of them?

Lot of those on left are far more radical then Pelosi’s of the world.

When Dems howl that they want to do away with the Senate much less the Electoral College, they either ignore or celebrate that short bus folk like Cortez and Sheila Jackson Lee would have as much or more power than entire states.

The Dems do not believe that their party, which kowtows to those who hate cops, hate White people- especially males, hate ICE, want to do away with borders, and buys into ANTIFA, BLM, Indivisible, etc. would not get carried away if they held absolute power.

It is rather revealing and it does show how ignorant the leftists are of their rights in the nation.

Still I can agree to a point. We should not do away with the senate but we should go back to the original ways of selecting senators.

Why the left can’t control they want gone.

The electoral college is also on their hit list. Most have no idea why the electoral college was put in place. The same applies to the senate. Most are clueless as to why Wyoming with 660K in population has the same number of senators as the failed state of Californicate.

Dingle has always been a “Dingleberry”.

Unfortunately that can only be done by amendment and democrats know how badly it would undermine their powerbase so barring a real serious anti establishment revolt in this country there’s not much chance of it ever happening.

One thing about the ‘American Experiment’ is that under the guise of an amendable constitution, the US would evolve into the government and culture that the people wanting… sometimes there is no accounting for taste.

President (Dictator ) Suharto of Indonesia’s campaign slogan in view of an opposition that ways always suppressed was ‘Democracy Without Opposition’…

Democracy without constitutional protections for the minority is nothing but mob rule.

“Democracy” sounds great and is great as long as you side with the majority.

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