Formatting a new USB memory stick

Will someone please tell me how to do it? I use the current one to back up my short stories/novellas (text only), and in case something goes pear-shaped with it, or I lose it, I want to have a back-up stick for the original, and 1GB is plenty. Please keep it simple because I’m a bit dyslexic and have trouble with sequences. Thanks

Are you using a MAC or PC?

You can just go to disc utilities and choose MSFAT-Dos, valla it’s done

PC - where do I find ‘disc utilities’?

41 views and nobody has any idea how to format a USB stick? Blimey it must be more difficult than I thought!

Just click that little folder icon on the taskbar. Find the USB. Right click. Format.


What’s an icon and where’s the taskbar? Only joking - thanks very much.