Forced school busing is happening again, to “redress inequities”

Once again, politicians are concerned some students are doing much better than other students in school, and that must not be allowed. They are forcing students that live in high achieving areas to be bussed out of their neighborhoods to worse schools in order to mask their poorer performance. I will let you guess the demographics. It’s all racism, of course.

Read the protest letters detailed in the Mother Jones article.

13th Amendment

Section 1.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude , except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

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None of that applies because access to white people is a civil right that overrides the Constitution as a whole and all of its amendments.

The Bill of Rights has been a dead letter since at least the American Civil War. Those of us in the US have been living under an anarcho-tyranny our entire lives. Coming to terms with that has been the most difficult Red Pill for me to swallow.

Racial segregation persists once you enter the schoolhouse doors, with white students disproportionately taking Advanced Placement classes and Black students taking remedial classes, a 2017 Baltimore Sun investigation found.

What? When I was in high school I was all over the AP classes. My AP biology teacher taught me more than I ever learned in college. It was damn hard work and the tests were no walk in the park.

If you signed up for an AP class you were expected to do the work or you’d be kicked out.

If you don’t think you can cut the mustard then don’t sign up. If you do sign up and flunk out then that is on you. There isn’t anything racial about that. It is how real life works.

The politicians, NGOs, bankers, corporations, judiciary etc have subverted the US constitution to make it non-binding and not absolute. They have also subverted the constitution to work against the European diasporas.

When is day going to come when millions of people that comprise the European diasporas travel in huge convoys and march Washington DC for a redress of grievances?

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Yeah - why bother working real hard and saving up a lot of money to get into a nice neighborhood when the state arbitrarily decides to bring the bad neighborhoods straight to you.

Hopefully this impacts the wealthy liberal elite first. They are the ones who are demanding these types of policies for everyone else but then turn around and scream the loudest when they are the ones impacted.

Those screenshots of all those letters on the Mother Jones article are awesome. People have clearly had it with this Cultural Marxist social engineering bullshit. Everyone knows that the blacks want to stay around other blacks and the whites want to stay around other whites. There are a bunch of blacks protesting at a college in upstate New York right now because they want to be segregated.

I find African-Americans to be rude, overly loud, and discourteous. There! I said it!