For the first time, most new working-age hires in the U.S. are people of color

DISCRIMINATION! The majority of hires are minorities? How is this not RACIST? They are admitting to not hiring white people based on the color of their skin!

At this rate “Made in the USA” will be the new “Made in China”

I bet the majority of them are working illegally.

In other words, expect the quality of anything coming out of the US business establishment to go down the toilet from here on out.

Hernández, 28, landed a job this spring as a part-time receptionist at Impressions Pediatric Therapy

As the jobs become of less and less quality, so too shall the new breed of worker.

Minority hires overtook white hires last year.

Marking a historic descent into a third world future.

Minority women began to pour into the labor market in 2015, and they have begun to reshape the demographics of the U.S. workforce

“…reshape.” For the worse.

A typical white family has a net worth of over $170,000, while a typical African American or Latino family has a net worth under $21,000, Fed data show.

“White family” re: aging boomers.

“We see women entering the workforce because their husbands may no longer be in the country,”

Deport those beaneritas!

They may be hires now, but do they actually work ?

Time to make up lost ground? You fucking kidding me? There’s only going to be more and more ■■■■ women and less and less whites.

And honestly, is that picture of a hideous Mexican land whale supposed to make me sympathetic towards them or something? Who the hell picked that picture?