Following Debrief President Trump Announces 10% Additional Tariff on $300 Billion of Chinese Goods…

A great write up by Sundance pretty much states what most of us who have been following the US China trade talks suspected; that no deal was possible and thus more tariffs are planned to be implemented by September.

Things are about to get more interesting with Trumps adversaries who are heavily invested in China, and China’s strategy is to wait things out in hopes that he loses his re-election bid in 2029!


I say keep piling them on until they achieve the desired effect.


It’s about time we have a President with the balls to stand up to other nations in order to get a better trade agreement for the US. I’m sick and tired of these morons stealing our IP.


Nearly 3 decades of catering to them has done nothing but harm our economy in every way.

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I love that President Trump is playing hardball with the Chinese. They are still a developing country and they aren’t going to dictate the terms of anything to the United States.


China doesn’t care. They are not paying any tariffs. In spite of the lies that Trump spreads, the importers raise the prices on the products and the end users pay the tariffs. Only dumbasses would think differently. China, like North Korea, is playing Trump like a cheap fiddle.

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Tariffs are hurting US jobs and our pocketbooks. China is the winner here. This administration is a joke.

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They definitely care because it leads to declining sales.

UE is at it’s lowest in 50 years and wages are higher than they’ve been since the peak in the 90’s.

Inflation is flat.

Interest rates are falling.

Yes, we’re suffering terribly.


That’s idiotic. What it does is reduce the demand for their products. It impacts them directly and benefits their competition. Trump is 100% correct in what he’s doing. It’s long past time we stand up to those thieving ass hats. They’ve been stealing our IP for years and no one’s lifted a finger. Not Clinton. Not Bush. Not Obama. I’ve seen the IP theft directly in my industry.


Ha ha! Latest economic numbers do not support your statement as being true and this is a perfect example why you communists can’t be trusted you simply make shit up! Nice try! Stop living in your fantasy world and get back to reality or do you work for the CHICOM’s and their propaganda ministry?

July jobs report!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases the jobs data for July. Overall employment rose by 164,000 new jobs; that’s great. Average hourly wages grew by 8 cents to $27.98, a year-over-year growth of 3.2 percent; again great. 163.4 million people working is the highest number of people working in history; more good news. [Data release link]

However, there’s an even better result in a very important data-point. 363,000 people moved from part-time to full-time employment. The move from PT to FT employment is a key indicator of a very strong economy and workers are benefiting in benefits, wages, and total compensation which now exceeds 5.5 percent growth.


You obviously have no clue what the economy is actually doing and by living in your mommies basement and spending all that precious time on the computer has made you dumber not smarter. Looks like you are the cheap fiddle here! :rofl::rofl:

Well the Biden’s won’t be happy !!!

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More news on China!

Chinese financial markets are off-the-charts tonight as the currency is dropping like a rock, Beijing is intervening to stop the bleeding…. and Hong Kong workers are going on strike. Yikes, could be trouble.

Perfect time for Trump to add some additional Tariffs.


The Chinese strategy is to wait it out! All their chips are going in for the 2020 elections and not sure they will survive that Long!

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Which is why now is the time to force their hand. Remember, they have a population of about 1.6bn that begins starving in about 90 days without constant US grain/rice imports and all of our cash for the goods they are exporting.

Keep piling it on and their whole economy crashes in six months or less.