đź”´ FISA Report Hearing in Senate Judiciary Dec 11

The Senate Judiciary Committee questions Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the findings in the Department of Justice’s report on the Russia investigation.


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Did I just hear them say in plain English that Carter Page was a CIA plant?

What is Lindsey Graham doing putting on a show or what? Is he trying out for a movie?

Horowitz finding no “documentary or testimonial” evidence of bias in the decisions made during the FBI investigation DOES NOT conflate to the decision makers having no bias. Clearly, many of them did.

Nobody expects a biased FBI agent to testify that he/she is biased. Duh!

Are not the lovers text messages documentary evidence?

Is not the gross altering of a CIA email documentary evidence of bias?

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This is boring and pointless. The IG report is absolutely meaningless.

Not so. The report opens the door to investigation of the FBI by parties that are not working for the FBI or limited to investigation other members of the FBI…and who can call grand juries…and prosecute criminality.

Durham’s investigation has already morphed into a criminal investigation.

True it is that this hearing is playing out in expected fashion with opposing sides asking questions that support their opposing narratives. In that sense, it is boring.

The report itself is far from boring.

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As you said earlier, the only thing that this report does is show that political bias is present in the personal views of FBI agents - not much of a surprise.

Now WHEN are all involved in ordering, funding, creating and pushing the biggest coup in history (all the way up to Obama & Hillary) going to be criminally prosecuted & punished for their crimes? No more pointless hearings where the perps smugly lie and go free.

One has to ask Horowitz, how could he not see the political bias of the Deep State COUP?

Where has he been living the past 3 years?

In a cave somewhere?

He’s just doing the typical DC two-step. All the players in the arena know it well. It’s a dance move we have seen countless times before…and it’s one of the main reasons why the American people want this goddamn swamp drained.

Other than explain to the public the details of what went on I would agree. It shows bias within the FBI but not “documented or testimonial” bias.

I still think a lot of Americans are sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of indictments that may follow this and the Durham report.

Mazie Hirono lies when she says that all of the indictments resulting from the Mueller investigation were of Trump associates. Most of them were of Russians.

The hearing really put just how bad this was in perspective.

CNN should ask McCabe to step aside and fire him if he does not.


How did the hearing go today? Wasn’t able to listen at work. Are the FISA failures going to lead to any changes or arrests?

That has been known for quite som time.

Just keep in mind that the IG report and the role of OIG is to identify the issue and reference it to the AG. The real meat and potatoes is in Durhams court where actual indictments with handcuffs count. All this does is set the table for what is coming next.

Correct. It has also exposed the absolute abuse and fraudulence in obtaining FISA Warrants.

Barr said Durham’s report won’t be out until late Spring, possibly Summer. As they continue to investigate and uncover the depths of the criminal activity, more trendles lead to more that needs to be investigated and so on.

Like trying to untangle a spider web with a microscope.

Rather they cross every “T” and dot every “I” and come through bullet proof then run a circus like the Dems are.

Skeletor tries to justify the FISA applications. Pathetic!

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