First Film Created by AI

AI took care of writing the script, creating the concept art, generating all the voices, and participating in some creative decisions. The AI-generated voices used in this film do not reflect the opinions and thoughts of their original owners. This short film was created as a demonstration to showcase the potential of AI in film making.

It all sounds like a Deep State agenda.

There was a similar movie some decades ago titled Independence Day, where a huge UFO that appeared over New York City turned out to be hostile, contrary to many who wanted direct contact.

I forgot the details, but there was a very skilled black F16 pilot who managed to outmaneuver a UFO and made it crash in the Arizona desert (How can a 20th century technology jet down an anti-gravity UFO, which is thousands of years advanced?) and a young US President (looking a lot like Bill Clinton) sacrificing his life and saving humanity by becoming a kamikaze pilot of a rocket and blows up the hostile alien mothership.

All this stinks to high heaven!

I was thinking nothing is real anymore. Music art, Film acting, it’s what humanity is devolving to, a superficially living within the collective hive.

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Not sure I understand, in what way is this a deep state agenda?

I guess AI is as good as the people who create it.

The film is stressing that the US is (eternally) in competition with Russia.

Isn’t it what neocons want you to think?

They always needed an adversary to move their plots further along. The film according to the reports was 100% completely done by AI. Listen to Biden’s voice! He sounds 20 years younger and coherent.

AI can do many things and I saw drawings of Biblical scenes done by AI.

In some of the drawings, there were two Jesus’ because somebody forgot to tell AI that there was only one Jesus.

In other words, it’s all up to the people who’s running AI and you get what you want from AI.

AI is assuming of course that “Jesus” is just a name then AI wouldn’t know the difference.

AI can also be used by governments to create false crimes against their political rivals. Imagine being charged with a crime like child rape or something heinous to that, AI can be used to implicate a person for whatever reason by submitting fake evidence created by AI. Maybe political blackmail?

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Derp derp derp derp lol

There was an experiment that was done by superimposing a famous celebrity’s face and body within an AI environment in what many considered a sex tape many months ago. I think someone here did a post on it but not sure who. Although it was just an experiment, the potential for this technology to be used in the wrong ways and to seriously go awry is a scary proposition.

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It’s the age we are entering! Devolution and into digital enslavement. Having political opinions will no longer be a currency of freedom but certain for your shackles.

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There is a view that the invisible entities, who are extremely intelligent but have no physical bodies and are not friendly to humans, are actually AI created by very advanced civilization thousands, perhaps millions of years ago.

I thought it was the “archons” in Gnosticism.
(Gnosticism is a can of worms I really don’t want to open, because I don’t quite understand it.)

Hmm? Interesting. Entities or the spiritual domain manipulating cyberspace to influence the physical is one scenario that I haven’t come across yet.

The Bible is full of such stories, but I don’t want to go there. LOL

The documents of the Gnostics were found in Egypt, a place called Nag Hammadi, by chance almost at the same time as the Dead Sea scrolls.

AI can also pretend to be God.

I don’t know about the visual, but it certainly can sound like God talking to would-be prophets and they will spread fake messages.