Finnish police warn young girls about foreign rapists



Here’s an article on why many arrivals are men. They’re not voluntarily deciding to just leave the women & children & start all over.

Many realize their request for asylum may not be granted.

Some realize the hazards faced by women & children in the transit.

Others, as also pointed out by an article in Bloomberg, are single, where sending for family isn’t an issue.


OK…thus validating what I said. The lack of women that share their culture, they’re traditions could very well be the root cause of why so many resort to harassment and rape.

Either way it’s impacting the existing culture is it not? Or are you going to accuse natives of being bigoted?

Now for refugees that’s escaping war…seems to me they have better chance of asylum if they family is intact…don’t you think? After you you grabbed your family and taken em to safety can go long ways at tugging the heartstrings asylum board.

But it seem you’re making it sound local girls are bigoted with your early comment…that plenty of single women that available.


Samm Samm Samm…what are we going to do with you.



I don’t have an opinion about natives if Scandinavian countries.

Those who cannot or will not obey the laws of countries they settle should be deported. And anyone who rapes kids should be in prison where the inmates will take care of them😈

The National Review, a pretty conservative source, cited reasons that it wasn’t as easy as wanting to come alone. Catch some of the rape & abuse that took place against women & children in transit?

And the possibility of deportation in the event asylum petitions were rejected? Men during European immrigatoon to the states came & established a base & a salary, leaving the family until they were established to send for them.

Did they only have themselves in mind, too?


Which comment are you talking about? I’ve barely mentioned European women.

Please quote that comment.


Then you went on and said this in another reply.

So the way I’m seeing it, you’re saying there are plenty of women available for them.

So the question is why that isn’t happening?





As to why marriage isn’t happening, perhaps it isn’t bigotry at all, but marriages on the decline as a whole, as in the U S.


Someone should give her a ticket to the open-air zoo in Chicago.