Finnish man dynamites his TESLA after getting quote for new battery

This was fun to watch! A Finnish man decided to blow up his Tesla Model S car after the dealer told he would have to get a new Battery which was insanely expensive. To add insult to injury and probably the catalyst to which this man decided to blow up his car and turn it into a documentary,
Tesla’s policy is that the man had to seek permission from the car company first in order to get a new battery.

Fun fact about the country of Finland, is the country is a car culture where their obsession with American classic cars even rivals America itself for having the most classic cars per capita. Not only that, but they are second in countries with drivers who have won Formula 1 championships, so its safe to say they take their cars very seriously!

Link to the full story

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Did he know this when he bought the car??? If not , he learned a valuable lesson.

Probably not, and its not like Tesla was forthcoming either with said conditions and policies before selling their cars as its all about the making the sale. I am sure most of us have experienced this when buying a car or two in our lifetimes.

Some auto dealers are not exactly known for honesty and warrenty information.

That was pretty entertaining. I loved the part where the helicopter booted Elon Musk out.

Folks have been told the battery replacements are expensive. How is an average person supposed to afford 22K?

Next up, a government rebate for replacement batteries.

Where does all the used up lithium go?