Finland Joins No Free Speech Club

Finland has officially joined the Fascist Left in their effort to suppress freedom of speech. Just the most simple and truthful statement will land you in criminal court!

Well Finland obviously doesn’t want to feel left out? :rofl:

The Oulu District Court of Finland on Thursday sentenced Sebastian Tynkkynen, a member of the Finnish Parliament, to pay a 50-day fine, about 4,050 euros, for anti-Muslim agitation, Finish media reported.

Yet it’s perfectly fine for Muslims to agitate us in our own lands without any penalties or consequences.

The left only cares about free speech when their speech is impacted. In this example, leftists were fined for calling people Nazis - naturally they declared their free speech to be under attack.

It’s time for proud patriots everywhere to stand up to the fascist authoritarian left and defend their right to free speech and to stand up to the destructive Muslim menace! They want to destroy us and our way of life - I’m talking about Americans and Europeans! There are so many “peaceful” Muslim countries that Muslims can go live in and live under the rule of their perverted religion. They don’t need to come to the US or Europe for religious freedom. They are only coming to our countries to suppress OUR religious liberty and freedom of speech!