Finland are going to join NATO

Finland are similar to the Ukraine in the fact that they have it lightweight in office this is what happens when you elect comedians or radical feminists into office Finland joining NATO is only going to exaggerate issues in Eastern Europe and international politics as a whole incredibly lightweight move 1D thinking

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When will they be invaded???

Woman are going to get us killed

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STFU , son of Monte!!!

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Lol ok groomer rino…

Not a RINO , but a Trump supporter. What is your insightful background???Can you challenge Dr. Manhattan on an INTELLIGENT level???
I must have hit a NERVE.

No, the Shemales in the Military will!!

You wouldn’t know intelligence if it smacked you in your fucking dumb face lol
Metaphorically speaking*

Come and Smack me BĂ·Ă—ch!!!

I don’t advocate for violence… let’s De escalate this … But if you wanna send me your address send it in my direct messages

Okay , then retract your post about me not knowing intelligence if it slapped me in my dumb fucking face.

Why don’t you wanna become intelligent? :rofl::rofl: