Finally – John Ratcliffe Explains Why Pelosi’s “Impeachment Inquiry” is Being Run From House Intel Instead of House Judiciary

"Good grief it’s taking the republicans f.o.r.e.v.e.r to explain to the American electorate what is going on behind the thoroughly corrupted political impeachment process. In this interview John Ratcliffe finally explains why the “official impeachment inquiry” is not being run by the House Judiciary Committee that holds impeachment jurisdiction.

Speaker Pelosi, with forethought and planning by the Lawfare Alliance, is intentionally using non-jurisdictional committees because she is manipulating the process. It’s the same reason why the House Intelligence, House Foreign Affairs and House Oversight committees cannot legally send out “ Impeachment-based Subpoenas “; they have no impeachment jurisdiction. {Go Deep} and {Go Deep} to understand why.

The “impeachment” subpoenas’ are not technically subpoenas because the basis for the requests, impeachment , is not within the jurisdiction of either committee. So the committees are sending out demand letters, calling them subpoenas (media complies with the narrative), and hoping the electorate do not catch on to the scheme." Sundance

Linked Article with embed video with Maria Bartilomo interviewing John Ratcliff


The Democrats are really looking bad for the shenanigans they keep pulling.

What have they done in the past three years other than scheme to overthrow a President?

They are a stain on this country. Good for Trump telling them to pound sand.

Its all for show. They know if they try to enforce this then they would have to go to the DOJ to make it legal and they know they would never do that as that would expose every single document that these same bafoons are trying to keep hidden. Seriously these people are really stupid and its going to come back to bite them! Meanwhile Trumps favorability ratings are surging up! Geez I wonder why?:rofl::kissing::kissing:

Our Democrats do love to slink around in the shadows. They accomplish absolutely nothing; and the irony is, they get paid for it. Overpaid & underworked.

John Ratcliffe, schilling beneficiary of those that fall for the conspiracy of the “deep state”…the dems are so all powerful and the Trump lackys are so victimized.

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Can’t come up with something original so you steal someone else’s idea ? Gotcha! Thanks for showing why we don’t take you clowns seriously! GTFU!