Fill Up On Gas Now: Canadian Rail Strike Threatens to Hike Oil Price in US

The US imports almost half of its crude oil from Canada’s oil sands. Much of that oil is transferred to US refineries via pipelines, but a good deal of it comes via rail as well. CN Rail, the same crown (govt) corporation which built the iconic CN tower in Toronto, delivers most of this oil. But its workers have gone on strike this week halting these shipments:

What a coincidence, just in time for the biggest travel holiday of the year.
Also the beginning of home heating oil season.

Article says the union has more leeway now, because Canada just had an election, and the new parliament doesn’t convene until December 5th. So they cannot be legislated back to work immediately, whereas historically this has been the case with rail strikes.

Albeit - I’m sure US Thanksgiving was also a consideration.

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