Fight club at Senior Center suspects

What have we become?

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Funny! The movie “Fight Club just turned 20 year old! The coincidence is timely! :rofl:

Were the weapons bedpans and urinals???

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You think this is funny? My hope is that you end up childless and alone – relegated to one of these facilities where pissed off blacks force you to fight with other elderly invalids, otherwise they will torture you.

WTF dude? You triggered by the sauce tonight?

I think you are mischarertizing my comment. I don’t think its funny, I am merely commenting on the irony of the movie which I think is funny. Try asking questions first before making assumptions! You know what they say about people who make assumptions? You not only make an ass out of you, but you also make an ass out of you!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I will merely comment on the irony when Planet of the Apes becomes a documentary in this country because of civnat cucks like yourself and you and your family get the cultural enrichment that’s deserved.

Better than being first in line on the DOTR.

All jokes aside, after reading this further, yeah this is pretty bad especially considering who was involved. Society is devolving into no morals for decency!

Then I retract my previous ill wishes.

Yeah Ok! Your passive aggression is brave behind a key board tonight honcho!

Nah man - I just don’t take kindly to nigs beating on old folks and keyboard ■■■■ laughing about it.

Right! Don’t be dick! Sleep it off! Last time I check, we are on the same side! I was recruiting you to join my militia! Don’t make me regret it!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

In reality there is no excuse for this to happen regardless of the race of perpetrators. All types of DEMENTIA aren’t funny and it’s sad to see once healthy vibrant people and the families suffer.