Feral Migrants Attack White Man in England

This is what the leftists in the EU has unleashed. Migrants hunting in packs and attacking older white people! This is why Folks, fighting to keep our 2nd Amendment rights is so important to defend against this scourge of humanity that was unleashed by Pro Maoist leftists residing in Brussels and if the Democrats succeed this is what’s coming to America as the new norm too. This is sickening to watch!


This is sickening! The poor old man knew what was coming his way too. He tried to get out of there when they started closing in then the one animal put him in a headlock. I’m sure the suspects remain on the loose.

Yeah good luck in getting a positive ID. Police don’t do shit in London especially with a Muslim mayor.

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This is a common and everyday occurrence through all of Europe. Even if the British can fully achieve Brexit these types of attacks will continue until the weak minded sheep throughout the West finally realize that the third world is not compatible with our way of life.

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Well, this old man carries a Charter Arms Bulldog .44.

Bad things happen to good people everywhere. It has nothing to do with race or national origin. Criminals are criminals despite their appearance.

That’s not what this thread is about. Are you blind to the fact that these economic migrants do nothing but attack the natives?

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100% preventable. Yet, if you are one of the elites it is great to look down from the Ivory Tower, isn’t it?

It’s exactly the same in the US and nothing is said as it didn’t happen to me or my family.

Their ‘corporate’ Mission Statement is ‘We take (name any felony you can think of) extremely seriously’, knowing full well that whatever that felony might be, it’ll all be forgotten about in a few days.

Criminals elements flock to the West simply because they don’t fear the consequences of being convicted of their crimes, whether it be child molestation and violation, or robbery with violence. Yet to think that when their criminal days are over (during which years they’ll have been claiming generous welfare payments?), they’ll then be protected by the State unto the grave with taxpayer-funded pensions and free health care. We must be fucking mad! This is the main reason I’m not an organ donor - that the thought that a paedophile (indigenous or foreign) might end up getting my (for example) liver, which would then enable them to carry on where they left off? ‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.’

What the hell was the old man doing? Taking a selfy? What gets me is how aloof he was to what was unfolding. He had no situational awareness.

Do you think he could evened the odds if he were armed?

It’s amazing how a person will cooperate with someone carrying a large caliber handgun.

Typical crickets when asked that question! :rofl:

Another violent crime where there is gun control. These animals are brave to attack an older man.Hopefully one day they will attack a martial arts expert and have their balls kicked up to their neck and a few limbs broken.