Fentanyl "Reversal"

Opioid usage is a major issue affecting Americans. Synthetic opiods,I e.fentnyl, are being used often as a booster to enhance other narcotics and stimulants. This trend has cost thousands of lives in 2022 alone. You would think that the problem is self-limiting. A buys drug from B. A collapses from the drug and either revived or dies. Therefore,one less user (A) one less customer (B) and the problem goes away.
Enter C …
In my large east coast city, we have emergency personnel that respond to overdose calls EVERY DAY with the wonder drug Narcan ,which reverses opioids and people in drug induced respiratory arrest are saved!
Am I being being callous or is something wrong here?

Living in a demoRAT city makes one restore to drugs why else would they vote demoRAT ?