Fentanyl Joe's Border policy

Is ANYONE surprised that this illegal president is the greatest friend the Mexican drug cartels ever had? All in the name of more DemoNazi votes.

# Rep. Harshbarger on ‘Fox & Friends First’: Border Patrol seizing ‘unimaginable’ amounts of fentanyl

DIANA HARSHBARGER : They confiscated over 5,400 pounds of fentanyl and that is enough to kill around 1.2 billion people, that ought to tell you enough, and it only takes probably the amount of two grains of sand to kill you, so it is very potent and a lot less expensive than heroin so it is coming across at such a rate of speed. … And when these customers take it they don’t know what they are getting. It could be laced with anything. That is what I have seen at the border. It is unbelievable, you go to the Rio Grande Valley and you see what Border Patrol has confiscated, it’s unimaginable.

Now wait a damned minute! What kind of idiot would allow these animals to violate our borders and come into this country in the first place?

Guess who.


Biden Regime Opens Southern Border To Over One Million Foreigners From Countries Around The World…Sends Them Across U.S. With No Vaccines…Blames Non-Vaccinated Americans For Spreading COVID

Curiously, Joe Biden never mentioned the one million illegal aliens, many of whom are infected with COVID that he and his reckless regime are allowing to flood into America. It’s become much more acceptable for Democrats to blame Americans than to blame themselves or the one million illegal aliens they’ve allowed to freely cross our border.


# It’s Democrats, Biden admin’s border policies spreading COVID: Devine

You few Woke idiots voted for this.

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I see 3 comedians were killed with the drug .