Feminist Insanity: Thor to be Played by Frail Looking Natalie Portman

I was led to believe that Thor was a sassy black woman now. I don’t believe this racism will go unnoticed.

News that Natalie Portman will star as a female Thor in an upcoming Marvel film has sparked debate on social media as some fans reacted in anger to a woman being cast as the titular role in the popular comic book franchise.


At this point, this is entirely to be expected. They’re going to keep getting more asinine with this until literally every mythological figure or popular movie character from ancient and recent history (from within European culture) is debased in the name of making overweight ■■■■■■ feminists happy.

There was a “female Thor” in the comic books but she was in a supporting role to Thor.

To say that Natalie Portman is going to be the next Thor is ridiculous because there is only one Thor. If they write Thor out and only have the Jane Foster character as Thor…that would be a massive departure from the comic books.

Regardless, it’s the timing of this that speaks volumes.

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Zeuss was actually a gay, transgenedered black female too! :joy:

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Natalie Portman is cute and all but I really don’t see her as the "Thor’ type. They could have at least got that giant blonde girl who played Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones that would have been believable.

Yeah, they turned Thor into a Tranny in the Comic book, back in 2015… Figured they would adapt that to the big screen sooner than later.