Female Obama Kamala Opens Her Campaign by RACE BAITING





translation: everything I disagree with is fakenews.


IF, and it’s a big IF, Harris does somehow push through “Medicare for All” for us regular Joes, you can bet your happy ass there will be a first class, elitist private healthcare system that will be there to cater to the rich, famous and Congresscritters themselves. No way in hell they will subject themselves to the same system they set up for the peons. Anyone who truly thinks the rich, famous and Congresscritters will be waiting in the Medicare line with the great unwashed to see their GP should put down their bong pipe and back away, slowly.


REVOLT! I would love if for once Patriots started taking a no prisoners approached and marched right into DC, maybe killing a few liberals on the way! DEATH and Destruction! Tax Deduction!


How would that signal a conspiracy?


90% of the minority crime victims are victimized by minorities. Yes, let’s speak the truth.



Kamala did it the old fashioned way. She screwed her way to the top.

Let’s see them apply the same moral standard to her that they apply to Trump.


Harris is a fraud. She also has a MeToo scandal by a subordinate that she covered up.
Having said that- I can’t listen to Shapiro without thinking of Donald Duck.


Shapiro is great in print and horrible on audio. I hate whiny nasaly voices.

Funny thing is I hate Mark Levin’s accent/voice as well but love what he has to say on most subjects. It took me years to get to where I could stand to listen all the way through one of his shows.


Yeah, Levin sounds like a woman being chased by a mouse when he’s on a rant. I like his content, but not his delivery.
The best radio voices I ever heard were Paul Harvey and the radio preacher, Garner Ted Armstrong.


I loved Paul Harvey, he used to put me to sleep when the local station did the rebroadcast at 10pm every night and then they’d rerun the whole week’s commentary starting at 10pm as well on weekends.

It was as comforting as having my granddad (either of them) sitting there telling me stories when they put me to bed while staying with us.

GTA had a great voice as well.

There were also some great “western voices” as well.

Red Stegall was one of my favorites. Hell of a “cowboy singer” but his speaking voice was amazing. His narrations were fantastic.


Levin reminds me of a little Chihuahua barking whenever he starts his tirade ranting! Shapiro is a “NeverTrumper” while he is good on gun right advocacy issues and a quick wit, on other issues he is a light version of Krystol! Establishment shill!


Love that song! I too liked Paul Harvey! Also was a Big Art Bell fan back in the day!


I forgot about Art Bell. I liked him too.


I graduated from High School with Red Steagall.s wife. I still talk to her some time through a class email chain. Her name is Gail.


They continue to vote democrat , sooooooooo . :grimacing::crazy_face:


As a chronic insomniac due to spinal issues I worked nights for a couple of decades so I couldn’t help but listen to Art quite a bit while I was on the road.

Good voice, great bumper music but way too much conspiracy nut/Ancient Alien Astronaut BS for me.

This one really sticks in my brain.


No kidding? Pass along my best, I thought the world of her husband and met/spoke to him several times at events.

Loved his Saturday Morning show, readings, and narrations.


He still has a radio and TV show. Here’s his website