Feds Arrest Over 600 Alleged Mexican Cartel Members

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced Wednesday that more than 600 arrests have been made as a result of an interagency operation cracking down on Mexican cartel activity.

“Project Python,” a DEA-led initiative, targeted members of Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). According to the DEA, over the last six months federal law enforcement officials have been monitoring the activities of the accused.

The operation resulted in more than 600 arrests nationwide, 350 indictments and “significant seizures of money and drugs,” according to the agencies.

Link with video of this announcement.

Outstanding work but the fed’s.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but something pops, its usually with a bang!

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Yep and they have something like a 98.7% conviction rate meaning they don’t bring a case forward unless they are sure they can win it.

Public executions should be on the way to make an example of these addictions peddlers.

Good! Now let’s see 6000 arrest of these degenerate cartel scum. Free helicopter rides back Mehhico.


Free parachutes designed to open at 100 feet :rofl:

They are great at improvising. Just give each of them a used prison bed sheet on the way out the door. :grinning:

And a budgie cord. That ought to do the trick

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No, just Pinochet style!

I have a better solution.

Put them on helicopters take them out 100 miles into the gulf and throw them out.

If they make it back to show they get a pardon.

This might inspire you!