Federal Reserve explained in 5 minutes. And why it's against Trump

Bravo Brother Nathanael.
He explained everything about America’s woes in five minutes.
The Fed has to go if America wants to survive, and the Fed knows that Trump knows it.


The Federal Reserve Act was unconstitutional to begin with.
And it’s no coincidence that WWI started the following year.

Remember the Titanic? The European bankers who were against the idea of the Fed were on it. Coincidence?

I guess you have never heard of Ron Paul. Maybe you should read some of his early stuff if you really want to understand the Fed.

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What does Ron Paul say different from Bro Nathanael?

Paul is a Mason, a good Mason, nonetheless.
As such he has certain limitations in what he can say.

And your Brother Nathaniel is a Crypto Jew grifter.

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Brother Nathaniel isn’t so bad. He talks weird but he puts some good content out there.

A crypto-Jew is a Jew who hides his identity and pretends to be a Christian or a Muslim.
Brother Nathanael made it clear repeatedly that he was a born Jew from Boston.