Federal judge to block latest North Carolina voter ID mandate

Here we go again with Democrappy arguments about why voter ID is racist when there is no basis for this argument. In fact the only reason the commiecrats are against voter ID is not because of racism but because it will seriously impinge their ability to commit voter fraud! Of course I digress, the real issue in this OP is why oral arguments about this law from the left deem this law to be racist and what their rationale is for putting forth such arguments to oppose voter ID?

I have no issue with voter ID as long as those who do not already have a driving license or passport are able to obtain a state issued ID at no cost. Nobody should have to pay to vote.

But wait Toasty I hear you say people pay for driving licenses and passports so should they be free? Absolutely not the primary function of those IDs are yo drive an travel out of country it just so happens they will qualify or should qualify as acceptable forms of voter ID.

If voter ID laws are passed there should be one general election cycle before they are required to show it. 4 years is more than enough time for individuals to get the appropriate paperwork to obtain the voter ID. And yes anyone who needs a copy of their birth certificate or other documents for the purpose of getting a voter ID should get these or no cost. If they have to obtain from another state they should be able to get reimbursed by the state they reside in or claim the full cost on their taxes.

Voter ID is a separate ID card that is designated specifically for verifying each legal citizen’s right to vote. There is no charge to obtain a voter ID as this should not be an issue when one registers to vote. The passport and Drivers license’s are separate ID’s and should be kept that way for each state. My only issue with states like California and New York who seek to circumvent this issue by issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants is that it should not be an ID that is used as a means to register to vote. The entire point of voter ID is verifying legal citizens and their eligibility to vote and to address the rampant fraud on the state level that seek to subvert the legal requirements of the voting process.

Great points about the voter ID vs driving license but a US passport should be proof to vote as these only get issued to citizens.

Overall I agree with you except I am not so sure there is rampant voter fraud at the state level. Hell the majority of citizens do not vote so I just don’t buy the argument that illegals are voting en masse. Most of them want yo stay off the radar so why would they do something to draw attention to themselves?

Voter fraud does happen and will always happen so we need to come down hard when we discover it but not at the expense of citizens.

I’m tired of stinky ass Spanish speaking illegal foreigners voting in American elections. Voter ID now and forced physical removals immediately - men, women, and children. Kick them all out and keep families together :rofl:

Perhaps I am being crass about this in my OP and it would stand to reason based on your argument that you are partially correct. The fraud I speak of is not just illegals but by foreign nationals residing in states that encourages this fraud to take place where issuing Drivers licenses also automatically registers people to vote! This has been happening in states like California, Oregon and Illinois. This particular issue of Voter ID has been a hot button issue since Obama was in office and there is good reason as to why states such as NC, Texas sought to change the law by challenging it and why Eric Holder and the Democrats sought to oppose on legal grounds. I suspect however the ones truly opposed to this are the ones who belong to the same social country club and partisanship matters not where profit is threatened!

The Pendulum Swings Back: Federal Judge Halts Democrats’ Attempt to Eliminate Witness Requirement for Mail-in Ballots in North Carolina

U.S. District Judge William Osteen halted an effort Wednesday by the Democrat-headed North Carolina State Board of Elections to eliminate the requirement that voters have a witness sign their mail-in ballots.

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I guess driver’s licenses are racist too.

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