Federal Judge Rules That Trump can be sue for Riot

Trump can be sued for role in Jan. 6 attack on Capitol, judge rules (msn.com) I was under the impression that an active US president could not be sued for matters happening during his term.Paula Jones against Clinton where issues before he became president. Has this federal judge attended law school?

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These judges won’t stop these mandates won’t stop until we hang these insurrectionists with Treason charges

An attempt to bankrupt him with lawyer fees etc. More dem dirty tricks .

He’s got lawyers looking at to get money back, she said she was going to lock his family up before she got the job

The only value to “winning hearts and minds” is to get them to support attacks on the enemy.

Conservatives win hearts then never attack. They have done nothing but tease for decades while the left surrounded us - and they’re still against doing anything.