FBI thwarts 3 potential mass shootings

The criticism of the media here is that they’re not covering all mass shootings, and that’s true on the front page unless they result in mass MURDER.

At least two of them already had the weapons and a plan to act.

These were all the work of local LEO’s not the FBI.

Four or more killed in a single incident not associated with other criminal activities defines a mass shooting.

If we include all of the drug and gang shootings where four or more individuals are wounded or killed it makes the problem look exponentially worse.

The FBI , and other law enforcement thwarts mass shootings all the time, they just dont advertise it


I don’t often agree with you, but I do on this.

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Thank you, I’ll take it…:blush:

The FBI had nothing to do with these interdictions, they were the work of the local LEO’s.

The FBI is saving lives. Funny how the pro law enforcement guys are so anti law enforcement…:roll_eyes:

“That police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were able to thwart three potentially devastating mass shootings in less than a week suggests that with vigilance, it may be possible to stop such tragedies before they take place.”


One would hav thought that ending the violence in the major cities like Chicago would be a higher priority as it continues week after week with nothing said by the left an YOU.

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Apparently black lives only matter if the killer isn’t black.

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Each of which were local LEO operations not FBI op’s so why do you keep claiming otherwise?

Yes the media does ignore the real gun issues happening today int he major metro areas.

Chicago values:
Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 297
Shot & Wounded: 1482
Total Shot: 1779
Total Homicides: 324

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Again, in most all of your examples, no one was KILLED, mass murder shootings are defined by at least four killed, In a single incident. The FBI and local LE, thwarted 3 in a week, and one of those arrested was a self identified white nationalist.

Any of these involve the Clintons???

Not so far, but I wouldn’t want to be a FOB…:rofl: