FBI swat raid pro life activist, while kids watch in horror

They use the FACE act to execute this, A.R. 15 guns out raid. But refused to enforce the same law to pregnancy crisis centers that get bombarded with bombs and other threats of violence.

Two tier justice system is third world… GARLAND must answer for this.

You could have sent him a subpoena to show up in court … this is what tyranny looks like

Guess what. This shit is escalating and Congress wind do anything about it. When we get a Republican back in the White House my guess is they won’t do shit either.


The FBI should not raid political opponents. Political opponents should be debated and discussed in a civilized manner, not raided by the FBI. If there is evidence of criminal activity, it should be reported to the proper authorities, but raiding political opponents is not the right way to handle things. It just creates more division and chaos.

If the allegations are true then the man in question was preventing access to a reproductive care facility and was assaulting people in the process.

If you weren’t aware, the FBI is responsible for investigating crimes and ensuring the safety of Americans, and it needs to actually arrest criminals to do this job effectively.

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Wanna know something fucked up?

Many outlets in the mainstream media have been given a special authority by the FBI that allows their stories to be considered as evidence in investigations. If they report something, it will have an effect on how courts and other agencies view what’s said or done with regards to federal law enforcement matters.


I have a feeling we are going to have 1 mill strong showing up to some prisons demanding the released of some folks very soon.

Yes, he was arrested for breaking federal law.

We don’t debate and discuss when thugs break federal law.

Lol :joy::laughing: these dumb fantasies :clown_face:

You’d have to shoot them out of their hoverrounds and pry them out of the Golden Corrals, and that ain’t happening.

So why was it tossed in another court case?

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