FBI raids two UAW presidents' homes as part of nationwide sweep in corruption probe

This is just the start, but make no mistake that Marxists will be in the crosshairs!

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Tomorrow’s headline “Trump declares war on Organized Labor”!


Let them! I am sure the media and especially the higher ups will be in the cross hairs soon too!

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Good. This is the President of the very same Union that got billions to bail out their pension fund from Obama after squardering and pillaging it. Completely corrupt.


Yes you are correct and is well over due! Pay the bar tab!

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Democrats just lost another big time donor / lobbyist.


Corruption and unions are a match .


They are inseparable.


Typical union…they take all the dues from the members and enrich themselves.

Telepo said he saw the agents counting “wads” of cash. He texted his wife and neighbors about the raid.

“FBI raiding neighbor’s house” read the first text.

“What did he do?” responded his wife.

He wrote back: “Not sure. FBI & IRS. Pile of cash in garage.”

If you are a dies paying member of the union, this is where all your money is going.


I bet these idiots were counting on Killary getting elected. Their little scheme would have been looked over, so long as they kept a cash pipeline flowing to the DNC.

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Timing is suspicious a few days before the contract with the UAW expires Sept. 14 ?
This could hurt Trump in Michigan , Ohio , Wisconsin , Iowa and Pennsylvania ?
Can he win with out organized labor in these states ?

And NOT a BANKER charged in the biggest boondoggle in Americas history bad timing for the election 2020 .

I didn’t realize that there were still any unionized workers left in those states. I thought the UAW already negotiated away all those good paying jobs to Mexico.

With out the union vote Hillary would be president !!!

Our fucked up government gave those jobs away shuttered manufacturers and Made Communist China Great Again

Have you ever listened to the union leadership and their platform ? Every speech is about electing the demoRATS !! If you closed your eyes and listened to them you would think is was either Rev. Al or Jessie speaking, minus the southern draw !

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WRONG ! They pushed HILLARY !!! Their speeches were " Republicans want to take away your SS , Republicans want to triple your healthcare payments . Republicans want to raid your 401K . Republicans want to do away with ALL defined pensions . Republicans ONLY care about BIG business . Republicans hate the poor , gays , blacks and women . Republicans hurt the environment and regulations . Republicans want to CUT all your services . Blah ,blah ,blah . I know I listen to that BS for 15 years . :hot_face:

You are Wrong !
The leadership pushed the Democratic dogma the membership voted Trump and he won states no GOP candidate had won in decades !

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The leadership is not the rank and file the power is the rank and file and they voted Trump last time but the government attacks organized labor one of two things happen they go back to the democratic s or more likely they stay home ether way Trump losses .

All true but the rank and file didn’t follow orders in 2016 and I doubt they will in 2020.