FBI Never Examined Crowd Strike Server


They never examined Hillary’s email server, her devices, or those of her staff either. Worse, they allowed them to destroy the devices.

The FBI can get a warrant to search them, they chose not to.

So, we are supposed to subscribe to Jeff Bezos vanity newspaper becoming as ignorant and uninformed as the rest of the Resistance zealots. :wink:

For a media outlet with the motto “Democracy dies in darkness” the WaPo is remarkably incurious about why the FBI took second hand evidence, hearsay, from a DNC hired consultant then used that to support the Democrats narrative the Russians did it. Of course you don’t care either the doctored “evidence” supports your bias.

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Obama’s DOJ didn’t just allow Hillary’s IT technicians to destroy her illegal email server and all backup copies they issued grants of immunity from prosecution effectively shielding them from investigation. Obama’s DOJ did this with no proffer of testimony and without consulting with the FBI. After Hillary printed out boxes of edited email to belated submit to the national archive Democrats couldn’t have the FBI examining the electronic email archive with all its pesky metadata. :roll_eyes:

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It’s Trump’s DOJ now. And he pledged to lock Clinton up. But wait, as he later stated, that was just campaign rhetoric to gin up votes. Anybody pissed at Clinton and the FBI can be pissed at the king red hatter.

Right, blame Trump. Same old tune when you can’t discuss the facts.

Explain how Trump’s DOJ circumvents the grants of immunity. Maybe if Federal prosecutors ask the IT technicians with pretty please they will tell them who told them to destroy the evidence. :smile:

Trump is president, or so they say. And he pledged to drain the swamp and lock her up. But then we learned that that was just campaign bullshit to get you guys to vote for him…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

More gibberish to avoid discussion.

It’s Trump’s fault that Hillary and her henchmen committed crimes and that they were granted full immunity by Obama’s justice department apparently.

Someone forgot to tell him the swamp is filled with crocodiles and venomous snakes.

I mean…UGH guys! Spouting all these Repub talking points. Like…FBI and all alphabet agencies are ABOVE REPROACH, and not at all infiltrated with partisan unelected tyrants who think THEY know what’s best for US. And are willing to do whatever it takes to “help” democracy onto the best path (as they see it. You guys are conspiracy theorists!


You’re presenting a conspiracy theory while admonishing others about conspiracy…:thinking:

There you go again, label any inconvenient facts a “conspiracy theory”. There is no disputing the DNC restricted access to their compromised server, that the FBI meekly accepted second hand information as evidence, and the server was never examined independently. There is no disputing grants of immunity given to the IT technicians who destroyed Hillary’s email archive and all backup copies. Labeling the corruption that allows partisan Democrats to operate in an environment where their partisan considerations allow them to dictate to the FBI and excuses destruction of evidence as conspiracy theories reveals an allegiance to the Resistance not the facts. :roll_eyes:

The FBI answered this as I already posted long ago.

I’m surprised this thread is still even getting responses!

Here… this is who owns CrowdStrike!

Do conservatives ever research anything? All you guys need to do is search the internet just a little bit and you would be amazed at what type of raw data that you can find that either supports or completely destroys your position.

In this case, I think that the lunatic conservative position has been completely and permanently destroyed. Thanks for playing and please come back!