FBI director says white supremacy is a 'persistent, pervasive threat' to the US

So the 20,000 black on white sexual assaults every year are not a problem but white people claiming their people have a right to exist is the big threat?

Marshal (((Cohen)))? Imagine my shock to see him using a made up term like “white supremacy.” Whites have been denied the civil right to even have a civil rights movement but “white supremacy.”

What a dishonest piece of shit.



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No it isn’t. The spreading of communism is the threat.

Knowing the way the FBI has been lately, this is the only “threat” they will actually do anything about. They won’t do anything about the hordes of Muslim Jihadis that are now everywhere. They won’t do anything about stopping MS-13 or all of their filthy brown supporters and enablers. They just want to go after white people for speaking up.

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(to the tune to High Anxiety)

White Supremacy
It’s always the same
White Supremacy
Too convenient not to blame

They need a bugaboo
Something they’ve done before
Anything but admit the Left
Is the cause for the score

White Supremacy
It’s always for blame
White Supremacy
Don’t you ever change

It’s very clear to me
They’ll blame it again
White Supremacy

And remember folks, you don’t get to blame the Left, they get to blame you…

Is the spin!

And even for not speaking at all…

What a great hearing yesterday.

I think we need a new FBI Director.

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How in the world is 12 year olds getting shot every weekend in black democrat run neighborhoods not a concern for the FBI? Lol

You answered your own question… black democrat run neighborhoods.

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