Father Arrested For FIRING HIS GUN At A Fleeing Child Molester!

This father if a 14 year old was arrested for severely beating a 20 year old stranger that he discovered in his daughter’s bedroom. Read and discover just why he was arrested…FOR FIRING HIS WEAPON.

Well, at least he got the snot beat out of him and is under arrest. I doubt prison has a great dental plan.

I doubt the father is going to have much of any penalties to face.

Oh, they may have great dental plans. What the prison general populations usually don’t have is sympathy for child molesters. Maybe some dude with a plastic knife will jam it in and break it off.

From your article.

Investigators say they are sympathetic with the dad’s anger, which included knocking out some teeth, but say he crossed a legal line when firing shots as the man ran away down the street.

Unfortunately you cannot shoot a fleeing unarmed suspect.

This father who had the best of intentions let his emotions get in the way of good decision making.

Before you ever pickup a gun with the intent of using it in self defense or defense of others you must know the laws of the state you’re in.

This is also why you should never pick one up if you cannot turn your emotions off and make completely rational decisions under pressure.

I bet the 14 year old daughter wasn’t online acting like a slut at all. Nope. Not possible.

I seem to recall the article assigning some blame to the daughter, but still acknowledging that she is 14, he is 20. That’s child molestation whether she agreed to it or not. She’s a minor.

Sorry! That was in another article that I did not post (because it was taken from the original Fox5 report).

Here it is.

The pedo’s name is…Keywontrezes

Just in case anyone was wondering.


You should give his surname also. In the Neon Nettle link, it is given as: Humphries.